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justice is a dish best served sexy
Friends Only 
1st-Apr-2020 10:53 pm
sherlock b&w

Just comment below to tell me who you are and so I know you've added me. Otherwise I might never notice.

4th-Jun-2015 03:21 am (UTC)
Hi, just friended you. I'm a major Sherlock fan. I'm magialuna on Tumblr, Twitter, and AO3-but I don't post much, other than comments. I am a big art fan and was just reading a fanfic by beltainefaerie where she says that she was inspired by a piece of yours, and links to it... only I can't even see it because it's under friend lock... sigh. So, here I am. And I love Sherlock art, so I figured might as well friend.

:) Take care,

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